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About Us

İkram Sofrası Hakkında

hakkimizda-ikramSofrasılets you meet a unique taste. Our restaurant has a salon for 1200 people, aspecialsalon for 75 people and has been in your service for years and more years to come. Ikram Sofrası, which can be found on the coastal road, does not only serve your family, but also your collegues from work. Our restaurant is also in your service for weddings, birthdays and special celebrations. At Ikram Sofrası, you can surely enjoy your organizations.

Together with the concept ofMore than the usual tastes”, our restaurant is awaiting you with hakkimizda-ikram-sofrasiamagnificent menu. With different flavours that appeal to your taste and a breakfast buffet which is organic and has more than 100 varieties, you will surely enjoy your time at Ikram Sofrası.

If our clients desire a different menu, they can order one in advance.
Casserole dishes and dry beans are Trabzon’s specialities. The fact that the meat we use for our dishes are of domestic animal products is our diversity.

Our fresh fish dishes are served daily. The fact that the Faroz fishing shelters are next to us, is our luck.

hakkimizda-ikram-sofrasi-gorselOur dairy products are organic. (Have you ever tried our rice pudding ?) We use nothing other than butter (real Trabzon butter) for our dishes. “It doesn’t matter what other people say, butter is life.
service is available to our customers who want to order.

We are always ready to welcome you with a professional staff in a decent evironment.

Decent places are for decent people

Experience the difference of privilege at Ikram Sofrası